"Freedom is a length of rope and God wants you to hang yourself with it."
-- Castiel
April 4th — and with 8 notes

I suddenly kinda like this piece.

when in doubt…spend all your time working on hair. #artishard It doesn’t look like much of anyone yet but it’s supposed to be a certain actor. ..

God Damnit Misha. Your stupid face is taking over everything. 

I do what I want.

I need to re scan this. I just looked at the hardcopy and it’s better. The shading got washed out when I scanned this originally. 

I used to be really good at drawing tack. Oops. 

speed paint of my favourite guy. I say speed paint, because I spent about half an hour total on it. (I get really distracted. Like…it’s not even funny)

doin’ art. yup.

Lilly Bug. 

I’ve forgotten how horses work. god damnit.

November 17th — and with 2 notes

this started out as a sketch how did it end up like this?!?! friggen 22 layers. crap.